365 Days of Songs (1981)

Blue Öyster Cult, “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”


2/18/20231 min read

I want to say this was the first thing I hear from BÖC, although it might be more accurate to say it was the first thing I knew was by them. I heard it on the soundtrack for the animated Heavy Metal film (based on the sci-fi comics magazine), and man, it left an impression. The plodding, tom-driven drums, the atmospheric synths, Buck Dharama’s delay-drenched solo hitting you one lick at a time, and of course, the sci-fi lyrics (co-written by Michael Moorcock of Elric fame, no less!). It was a lot for 12 year old me to take in. When I finally got Fire of Unknown Origin, the BÖC album this is on, with those weird alien elven dudes, I was ready for anything this band threw at me.