NBWaves, created with support from the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, is a six song EP that bakes the sonic DNA of New Bedford into the music with samples recorded around the city. The EP ranges from the dream pop of "Polaroid Dreams" to the punk protest of "No Country" to the ambient "The Gull Catcher."

The sounds were recorded on MacArthur Drive in New Bedford's waterfront and on a Whaling City Expeditions tour boat in New Bedford Harbor; and at Buttonwood Park Zoo, Moby Dick Brewing, the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and PLAY Arcade.

You can listen to the full EP using the embedded Spotify player on this page. All songs from the EP are available on Bandcamp and the usual streaming suspects. This phase of the project is done, but there are still more New Bedford sounds in the Scapeghost vault, including some intriguing sounds from a pair of local elephants, so look for more songs from this project in the future.