365 Days of Songs (2020)

Kittens Slay Dragons, “The Fall”


1/10/20231 min read

Kittens Slay Dragons were my musical introduction to New Bedford. I was casting about for a live gig to check; I was pleasantly surprised the local craft beer bar, the Pour Farm Tavern, hosted live local original music. I looked at their calendar and listened to tracks from upcoming artists. The Pour Farm had a lot of good acts on their schedule, but KSD stopped me in my tracks. Synth pop? At a beer bar? Sign me up! I’ve been a fan since, and I’m honored to also call Sarah and Michael friends.

I also had the privilege of contributing a vintage Cure-style guitar part to this, one of their best songs. This would have been a great single regardless, but I was happy to splash a little sonic color on it. Give it a listen, and while you’re at it, support Sarah's work fostering kittens and cats through her non-profit rescue, Moby Kit!