365 Days of Songs (1986)

The Smiths, “There Is a Light that Will Never Go Out”


1/7/20231 min read

Any time I’m reminded of what a racist shithead Morrissey is, I remind myself: there were three other guys in this band creating the music, and one of them was Johnny Fuckin’ Marr. And Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce were a damn good rhythm section. I’ll throw Moz a bone and acknowledge that no one is better at crafting a melody within a five note vocal range, and he’s a funnier lyricist than his image allows for.

This song showcases Marr the arranger and producer more than Marr the guitar player, but it’s one of absolute favorite, and shows that Marr doesn’t have to rely on riffs to create an amazing piece of work. There’s a reason why everyone from Barney Sumner to Modest Mouse wanted to work with him.